Projects / Multi-touch / Touchscreen

In the public culture gallery of the National Museum of American Jewish History visitors find a large 52” interactive screen filled with the portraits of 68 key individuals who shaped the world of Theatre, Music, Radio, Art, Dance, Cinema and Literature. A touch-point on each individual will reveal a short statement about their contribution to the arts. In addition to finding information on individuals, visitors may trace the lines of connection that extend off of each individual to explore the “social web” of over 300 relationships made between these figures. For example if a visitor were to touch the portrait for artist Mark Rothko, they would find lines extending off of his portrait to Max Weber, Barnett Newman, Adolph Gottlieb, Louis Schanker and Lee Krasner. By touching these lines of connection the visitor would learn of the commonality, influence, event or idea that created a relationship between these two figures. This interactive surf mode would allow visitors to endlessly explore the defining connections between individuals. For visitors who would prefer a to engage with media passively, the table also offers seven curated movie tours of pre-selected connections amongst individuals. Visitors would merely select a tour to watch a short film that uses the same visual language of the interactive mode – but walks visitors through the connections surrounding Stella Adler, Aaron Copland, Gertrude Berg, Ben Shahn, Warner Brothers, Irene Lewisohn and Edna Ferber as a fun educational romp produced in the spirit of the era.